The first secret of our products are their thoroughly picked ingredients. We are aware of the fact that our nature is in charge of giving us prime quality when it comes to wholesome food creation. Following our conviction, you will only find a really short list of ingredients: no added flavors, no artificial dyestuffs, not a bit of preservatives.

Our second secret consists of three components. Creativity, passion and the willingness to experiment. These three quality characteristics are essential for unique combinations, a well-balanced taste and a harmonic composition of aromas.

The third and last secret, which unites all the individual parts to an ensemble is as easy as it could be: We are giving our best, everyday we are aspired towards perfection. The only outcome we are pleased with is the perfect combination of our visions, creativity and our expertise concerning cooking.

Creator, visionary, man of action

Since the beginning of his youth, the magic and art of cooking conducts the live of Jean-Marie San Martin. He is fascinated of creating new compositions and experiments wherever it is possible.

His passion and interest in the arts of the cuisine lead him to the world of gastronomy when he was quite young. There he learned and worked side by side with Frances most exclusives chefs.

After Jean-Marie was educated by Paul Bocuse and could show off his unique skills he established his own French restaurant in Germanys wine region Rhineland-Pfalz in 1992.

After 25 years of grand success and a lot of collected experiences Jean-Marie San Martin senses the requirement to begin a new adventure, a new chapter in his life. With this concept anchored in his head he leaves Germany and returns to his Motherland France.

He decides to build up his laboratory in the heart of the Franche-Comte. Now his production facility is located in the romantic, little village Vitrey sur Mance, on a big property (700feet) which is the home of lavender fields, herbs and many fruit trees including apples, pears and figs.

From now on there is nothing left to hinder Jean-Marie San Martin into invest his whole energy and passion in this new adventure: and that is to accumulate his vinegars with fresh fruits and vegetables, to invent diverse and extraordinary gourmet food in a process of love and care.


Extraordinary products, one region and many passionate producers

Jean-Marie is surrounded by local producers who serve him with enough elderflowers, walnuts, grapes and much more.

Nevertheless, he also needs national edibles for some of his products. In this case Jean-Marie is choosing conscious which producer is elected. General criteria’s are specialization of the producer and local production, the main focus is that the ingredients in his creations are natural and produced in France.

The key factor is the freshness of the provisions/edibles which are processed further. They must be processed really fast after their harvest. Assuring the best quality of these carefully picked ingredients they are manufactured gentle in Vitrey before they will find their way in tapenade, or a chutney, or other culinary creations.





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