The flavors of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Arrived a few years ago in Vitrey-sur-Mance (Haute-Saône) somewhat by chance, the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region has since become my home. Every day, its preserved nature, its poppy fields and its exceptional products inspire me. I wanted to highlight the characteristic flavors of Franche-Comté in this range of vinaigrettes, in partnership with local producers, in order to offer you 100% Franche-Comté seasonings.

Absinthe : this herbal spirit will add an aniseed note to your dishes

Savagnin : typical Jura wine, this vinaigrette will bring sweetness to your plate

Pepper : produced in the Jura, this variety of pepper will add a little spice to your recipe

Griottines de Fougerolles : emblematic cherry of Haute-Saône, Griottines de Fougerolles offer a small fruity and tangy touch to this vinaigrette.

Bretagne, Normandie, the Northwest in a bottle

Norman grandmother, Breton grandfather, I spent my entire childhood in these two regions of France. In memory of picking mushrooms, wild blackberries and homemade jams, I wanted to honor this corner of gastronomy in these recipes for Breton-Norman vinaigrettes.

Calvados : Norman apple alcohol, Calvados will add a tangy note to your dishes

Chouchen : Breton mead, Chouchen will bring sweetness to your plate thanks to its honey base

Nori Seaweed : give your recipe a little iodized taste and bring the sea to you, even hundreds of kilometers from the coast

Cornish Pepper : this "Espelette pepper" grown in Cornwall will give a little spice to your recipe

Rosés de Bretagne : very sweet and fragrant onions, the rosé de Bretagne will complement all types of dishes

Light oil-free dressings

Discover our new range of light oil-free dressings. 3 original recipies, based on exotic fruits, were created to bring100% natural taste to all your fitness salads. These vinaigrettes complement perfectly also poke bowls, seafood, vegetables and can be used to marinate meat and fish. A taste pleasure without remorse!

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