Vinegar is a condiment that can be used to season a salad, spice up a dish or even make a marinade. So to enhance the taste of your small dishes and raw vegetables, use our artisanal vinegars.

Which vinegar to choose for cooking? We manufacture several kinds of vinegar in our workshop in France, in Vitrey sur Mance (70). Discover green walnut vinegar and our fruit pulp vinegars, sweeter than wine vinegar. They are perfect for deglazing meats and especially for adding a tangy touch to your savory and sweet dishes.

Or even elderflower vinegar and its health benefits. The elderberry vinegar goes very well with fried eggs and tartars. Finally, our discovery boxes will allow you to have a large choice of vinegars for cooking and thus discover all of our condiments such as our chutneys and flavored vinegars. So, quickly order our homemade artisanal vinegar on!

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